I am the master of my destiny

Gururaj_the_Hayes_1In mundane and materialistic ambitions, we just need to infuse the spiritual quality and a mundane ambition becomes a spiritual ambition. That is how we reach the kingdom of God which is within.

If a person speaks of “me and mine” and “you and yours” it is because he finds a separation between me and you. And that would be on a very relative level. But if we unfold ourselves spiritually then we handle the matter from a deeper, subtler level and in that subtlety “you” and “me” ceases. It is “us.”

Your mind, the individual mind, is interconnected with the universal mind, and the universal mind contains the experience of the entire universe.

If Divinity is omnipresent, to where can it project itself? For Divinity to project itself it must have a place—somewhere to project itself to—and that is why we say that the projector and the projection are one. The unmanifest and the manifest are one, and it is all within the realm of pure consciousness—so it is all pure consciousness.

I am the master of my destiny because I can change my destiny, yet the higher realization comes when destiny and “I” find no separation. I am the destiny. I am that I am.

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