Poetry «To my bowels «

hr2-by-sonali-voraThe throbbing throes of a heart beating twice

What is this that enfolds me in gloom –

Not the child that I carry, enwrapped so close

To my bowels – so heavy and kicking?

I know it is just this fearful mind,

Anxious of the future as love’s fruit is swelling –

Swelling to express all of my pain and pleasure;

Pain so painful – this heavy heaving,

And pleasure, when he again starts kicking.

Come soon, time seems to linger and linger on.

Come soon to put your little arms around me,

Or just to be near, even if you lay on your side

Of the bed, turning your face to me, even in sleep

I will know the pleasure of gazing – at your face.


And you think he comes and goes
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Affectedly, or the natural flow of Nature's desire
Fondness be there... affection murmuring
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I have searched for you so long
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When life finds joy totally abounds
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Drunken in dreams we whisper love
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Love knows not of any boundaries
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Let us sing, let us dance
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The shells are cast away
Consciousness surrounds me
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Oh goodness of joy, I rest on your breast
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I am not drunk by the force of wine
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