Discrimination, too, must be Discarded

The human being must experience what life is all about, and what Divinity is all about. Philosophy and discrimination cannot touch this experience: It is like explaining color to a person who is born blind. You cannot explain it. You can try to explain what the beauty and fragrance of a flower are like, but […]

Use your reasoning!

In the progression of the soul we reach the human stage, and to unpattern all the patternings of the mind a human being has to use the power of discrimination. That is why he has been given the gift of reasoning. Because of the patterning of past associations and past experiences our reasoning becomes warped. […]

Throw your guru into the river!

There was a small village by a river; and on the other side of that river was a city. Every day people had to travel by ferry boats across the river to go to work. On this one ferry there was a peasant and a pundit. Now, a pundit is a man who is learned […]

Do not choose, be chosen!

Thy will be done is a fallacy… In the largest sense, there’s nothing else that exists but divine will. Now, man’s tendency is this, to narrow down the vastness of divine will to their own will, which consists of nothing else but their egos! So the ego says, «I do this, and I do that.» […]

No one asks you to become desireless

The creation of unnecessary wants brings you suffering and misery No one asks you to become desireless. No one asks you be totally non‑attached, because your very nature in such that even the enlightened man must have that two percent attachment. Otherwise he would not be able to exist in a body. But there is […]

Language and truth

Is language truth? TAMAJI: Could you speak briefly about the relationship between language and truth? GURURAJ: Language and truth, uh huh. And why must I speak about it briefly? TAMAJI: One word. GURURAJ: [LAUGHTER] Language is not truth. Language is just an expression of the feeling that is within you. And how true are your […]

I am not this, not that. II

I always said gurus are dumb‑asses So I, with something that has no substance but which has just created an impression there, presume that this mind and this body is real. So now, what have we done so far? We are accepting the reality of the mind and the body, and, at the same time, […]

No doctor can cure your ailment

In any good deed or bad deed the same energy is used—it is a matter of direction. If a person embarks on a destructive course, we say that Satan has possessed him, and if he goes on a constructive course we say that he is goodly and godly. There’s no goodly-and-godliness here: he did a […]