Articles by Raman Leonato

This articles have been reviewed by Raman Leonato and contain the teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi.

Love’s measure

Let my love be measured by giving and not by gain
For if gain I sought this life lived would be in vain.

Love then, yourself to lose, I say again and again
For the giver can only give as clouds disperse in rain.

Apego y libertad

Estás buscando la libertad en tu interior. Allí es donde está la libertad, en ningún otro sitio. No podemos liberar a nadie de sus ataduras ni crear la libertad para otra persona en ninguna ocasión. Ataduras o libertad sólo pueden ser creadas por uno mismo. Cuando ves el mundo o a tu amado a través […]

Attachment and Freedom

You are seeking freedom within yourself. That is where freedom lies, nowhere else. We cannot rid anyone else of bondage nor create freedom for another person at any time. Bondage or freedom can only be created by oneself. When you view the world or your beloved through the aspect of bondage, you are not binding […]

Apego al nombre y a la forma

La causa de toda la infelicidad y miseria en este mundo es nuestro apego al nombre y a la forma. El hombre tiene que aspirar a esa tranquilidad donde todas las alabanzas del mundo no le elevan ni tampoco le hunden todas las culpas que le puedan echar. Esta tranquilidad te trae un cierto tipo […]

Attachment to name and form

The cause of all unhappiness and misery in this world is our attachment to name and form. What man has to strive for is that tranquillity where all the praise in the world does not elate him, and all the blame in the world does not deflate him. This tranquillity brings about a certain kind […]

Non-attachment and detachment

Unattachment means that you, very willfully, want to be apart. You become indifferent; like the old saying, you can have a crowd of people around you, yet you are lonely. You withdraw within yourself, not because of strength, but because of imbalance between introversion and extroversion. Non-attachment is something totally different, where you are part […]

Everything is beautiful

Once we go beyond the surface value of a thing then we see the beauty within everything.

Love is attached and non-attached at the same time

Many things in life are paradoxes. One can be totally devoted to someone and yet be non-attached. Now there is a difference between non-attachment and detachment. Detachment is to exclude oneself from all activities of life and just to be far away, to become reclusive. To be non-attached is to be able to partake of […]