The universe is nothing else but mind

The universe is nothing else but mind. Mind is nothing else but matter, existing in various gradations from the totally subtle to the totally gross. Our temperaments are such that we are searching and seeking, but oddly enough, we do the seeking and it is Divinity that finds us. This happens because our search is […]

Prana could also be called shakti

Prana could also be called shakti. Shakti means power, and power means force. At the very beginning of creation this force was manifested because it is the nature of the unmanifest to become manifest. The activating force behind everything is prana. The relationship between prana and the three gunas is that the three gunas would […]

Non Dualism I

Am I non-existent? Ramu:  Beloved Guruji, this question is in the form of a riddle.  I am that which causes awareness to flow from the grossness of the lower mind to the un‑differentiated bliss of the superconscious.  I am not mind, but upon me the mind rests.  I do not move, yet through me all […]

Non dualism II

Are you the body, the mind, or the factor that cognizes the body and the mind? And like that you go on and on and on until you reach a point which is zero.  Then only can you say, «I’m not the body.»  Then only can you say, «I’m not the mind.»  And when you […]

God plus mind makes man. Man minus mind makes God

The mind is necessary, but it requires refinement to experience the real essence of Divinity. The mind can only accept a principle when it is in a calm state. It is only when the glass of the mind is clear that the light of Divinity can shine through. God plus mind makes man. Man minus […]

Expectation is the root cause of suffering

One of the means the mind uses to project itself into the future is expectation. The expectation of the future is lived now in the present. Expectation is the root cause of suffering. The past can be relived in the present, and that is what human beings do. They make themselves miserable by filling their […]

The mind invents the satans and gods

It is the mind that invents the satans and gods. The entire universe is nothing but mind and all problems in life are created by the mind. Tutoring that mind, we learn through meditational practices how we can overcome the mind and go beyond it, and there truth is found. The mind, being a finite […]

Controlling the mind

The more you exercise effort in controlling the mind, or controlling thought, the more will thoughts come. Thoughts are like monkeys in a tree. If you want to quiet the monkeys, it does not help to shake the tree; they will jump even more. If the thoughts are left to themselves, they will settle down […]