I am it all, and nothing is greater than me

The ego started from that fine current at the superconscious level, and as it became more and more gross it became more and more individualized, and that is what we call the human responsibility—that is what we call the human ego. Man does not possess an ego, he is the ego. When we get immersed […]


In self-forgetfulness, we do not forget the ego. We know that as long as a person is embodied, there will always remain a trace of ego. But we realize that, “Although I have this ego, I am busy refining it.” You do not need to recognize the ego to go beyond it. That would be […]

Ego is the sum total of an individual’s personality

This universe cannot exist without ego, for the universe itself is an ego. As you progress, that ego becomes just an idea, a thought form in its finest state. Then one transcends that thought form and one realizes in the impersonal state that, “Oh, dear me, it was only a thought!” All disappears, for then […]

Risking our little ego

Are we prepared to risk our little ego, that wants us to cling to life? There is nothing wrong with clinging to life, because everything is life. But what is our understanding of life? That is the question. Does life mean the conditionings of which our mind is a product? Does life mean the mundane […]

The ego cannot exist by itself

The ego is nothing but a totality of impressions that have come together, not only in this lifetime, but through many lifetimes. Remember that the ego, in itself, is not bad. The ego is the grosser aspect; yet it also has a finer aspect. So, coming to terms with the ego, by itself, for itself, […]

Your first incarnation

When you reach the stage of mankind (as your first incarnation), you are not karma-free, yet that karma contained within you is non-binding. It is non-binding because you have not yet developed the power of thinking. It is only when the mind starts developing that the activity of karma begins. All those impressions of millions […]

Ego is a very tricky thing!

The truth is this: what we assume to be real is false. Now, with the acceptance of this factor, that “my conditioned mind is small and insignificant,” immediately, as that realization dawns, we develop humility, and surrender to a greater power takes place. We stop boasting that “I” can do everything and start questioning, “Who […]

No one asks you to become desireless

The creation of unnecessary wants brings you suffering and misery No one asks you to become desireless. No one asks you be totally non‑attached, because your very nature in such that even the enlightened man must have that two percent attachment. Otherwise he would not be able to exist in a body. But there is […]