Is it just but a moment?

A soul unfolds in many ways
To give your beloved in timeless days
Just but a moment?

a recorded poem by Gururaj Ananda Yogi

Winged birds of time

Winged birds of time fly on,
Flying to the rising sun and turning back at dusk:
A long journey it seems to reach back at starting point-
Winged birds, time’s creatures, fly on

I the Word

I am here today, perhaps not tomorrow.
Neither was I away, neither ever here.
From unseen vapour, mists and clouds do form
To disperse again into its own essence.

To give love to one who is love

To give love to one who is love
You who are agony and pain unto yourself
yet you know not that you are an offering
To a world suffering and thirsting for love.

The creation buried deep down within you

I am your father, mother, friend, son and daughter
I am the creation buried deep down within you
Respond in which ever way you can … for love I am

It was hard this life..

It was a hard life this; digging the ground,
Who cares to know how parched it was.
My back is broken carrying the water pails;
I am old, the trees so young, bearing blossoms.


Urvasi, from the unfolded mystery of life you come
Ondulating in ecstasy in turbulent waves and foam.
Urvasi, rising from the deep calm yet in form vibrating,
Languorous in your lazy step, I move back in awe

The mirror

The mirror is useless if there is no reflection to be screened
The image is useless if it not it’s reflection find.
And minds wander as birds on separate branches perched,
Enjoys the reflections which the scorching soul searched.