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Seeker and the path Archives - Page 3 of 8 - Gururaj Ananda Yogi

I am the instrument

The confusion lies in assuming that I am the doer, when in reality I am not the doer, I am the instrument. Do not be attached to action, it is only experience. What happens to most people is that they are tossed around in the sea of life by time and space, not realizing this: […]

Bring the attention to the center!

How many of us bring the attention to the center, to where it is still? That is the secret of life: to go beyond the polarities. Where there is mind, there are polarities. When we go beyond the mind we go beyond polarities, and center ourselves within ourselves. That is the area of joy and […]

Seeking is the Process of Fulfillment

If we regard man to be divine, what are the veils that hold back the awareness of Divinity from the mind level? The veils recognized by the mind are recognized by a veil, because the mind too is a veil. From this whirlpool there is no escape. The only way to find the solution to the mysteries of all existence is to go beyond the mind!


The Impersonal God does not create. It just manifests, and its first manifestation is the subtlest level of the Universal Mind. This is another name for the personal God. Creation is something done by will. Manifestation is something automatic and spontaneous. Take for example, fire: its nature is to give heat. Fire in this sense […]

Spiritual Practices gives a guide to our yearning

All spiritual practices are meant to awaken that Christ consciousness within you. It is not something gained from the outside. It is there within you all the time. The eternal spirit within man is beyond all experience of motion, it just is. It is a question of superimposition. The sun is always there, the clouds […]

Free will is a very strange creature..

Free will is a very strange creature. At the same time, it is the greatest gift given to mankind by Divinity for his own progress. Exercising free will may lead you to greater suffering, but that greater suffering could be more evolutionary for you. You might learn more from that suffering because behind your free […]

Getting back to our primal innocence

Man forever wants to know. Even if the mind does not ask it, there is an inward urge which shouts out all the time to ask one question only, and that question is, “Who am I?” Divinity is there. The only qualification needed by a person to find his inner self is sincere seeking. To […]

Non Dualism I

Am I non-existent? Ramu:  Beloved Guruji, this question is in the form of a riddle.  I am that which causes awareness to flow from the grossness of the lower mind to the un‑differentiated bliss of the superconscious.  I am not mind, but upon me the mind rests.  I do not move, yet through me all […]